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Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents

Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents  

Rollover and roof crush accidents are often at the climactic scene of every blockbuster action film; unfortunately, those types of vehicle accidents are not exclusive to Hollywood films. A rollover accident can consecutively lead to a roof crush and increase your chances of getting ejected of the car and getting injured. Rollover accidents can be fairly common in California due to the state’s mountainous landscape and curvy roads.

Individuals traveling on environmental conditions that are at high risk for rollover accidents should be especially wary of driving behavior that can lead to a rollover & roof crush accident.  If you are dealing with the effects of a rollover and roof crush accidents, seek legal counsel right away. 

Lawyer for Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents in Burbank, CA 

Rollover accidents are distinctive in that they have been studied enough times to know its potential effects, which are deemed to be severe. Rollover accidents often lead to roof crushes which are known to lead to high ejection rates and serious injuries.

Rollover accidents, similar to other types of car accidents are often a result of someone’s negligence on the road. Whether the individual was going past the speed limit or texting and driving, the negligence of one individual can change the life of the other forever. At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC, we want to help you hold the other individual at fault responsible. Even if he or she is now facing criminal charges, you still have the right to file for a personal injury suit. If you sustained serious injuries, you may require compensation to help pay for those costs. Let the person who caused your accident in the first place be in your debt. 

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Overview of Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents 

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What are Rollover Accidents?

Rollovers are a particular type of accident in which the environmental conditions and the behavior of the car causes a vehicle to shift its center of gravity to one side, pushing up the vehicle’s balance into a pendulum effect, causing the vehicle to eventually swing out of control. In most cases, the vehicle has to trip on something to cause its gravity to shift. A driver’s behavior is the most eminent cause of rollover accidents. However, additional environmental factors can contribute to a vehicle having a higher chance of being involved in a rollover accident, such as the following: 

  • Tall, narrow vehicles (i.e., SUVs, Pickups, and vans) 
  • Higher Speeds (applicable to driver behavior also) 
  • Roads (i.e., rural, undivided, no barriers) 
  • Driving Pattern (i.e., curved path, swerving, sharp turn) 
  • Other Drivers around (e.g., negligent drivers)

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Roof Crush & Ejection Risk 

A roof crush accident can happen as a result of a rollover accident, after the vehicle has flipped over. Roof crush accidents are a big cause of death due to the limited space that is left in the car after the roof has collapsed. A weak roof can collapse into the vehicle and deform the occupant’s space. When the occupant’s space changes, it can interfere with the restraints that are meant to protect the occupant of the vehicle, ultimately lowering the survival rate of the occupant during the crash.  

Though a car roof crashing down on a vehicle occupant sounds bad enough, the actual ejection risk during a rollover and roof crush accident is single handily the most potentially fatal risk.  If the vehicle roof crashes down, so do its pillars. The roof crush can lead to shattered windows and sprung doors, which can cause the passengers in the vehicle to get ejected. The survival rate for ejection can depend on the force and angle of the ejection, however most ejected occupants can still suffer from minor to severe injuries. 

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Liability for Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents 

Negligence of the driver is one of the biggest causes of rollover accidents, ultimately leading to a crushed roof. An impaired driver or distracted driver may be negligent to the posted speed limit and may not see the curve that is coming up. The vehicle can end up tripping on a curve or push another vehicle into the curve leading it to rollover. Rollover and roof crush accidents based on negligence can be a ground for a personal injury suit. 

The following types of driving are most threatening during an environment that is at high risk for a rollover accident: 

  • Distracted Driving (i.e., texting and driving, eating or drinking, other passengers) 
  • Impaired Driving (i.e., alcohol, narcotics, post-anesthesia, drowsiness, blindness) 
  • Inattentiveness (i.e., emotional outburst, daydreaming, unawareness) 

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California Statute of Limitations

In the state of California, personal injury and wrongful death suits have a general timeline for filing with some exceptions. An injury to you or your loved one should be filed within 2 years of the date of the injury, however if the injury took longer to reveal itself, then you have one year from the date of discovering the injury. Similarly, wrongful death claims should be brought upon within two years of the death of the individual. 

In case of a rollover accident, even if it is determined that your own behavior might have contributed to the magnitude of the accident, you can still recover for damages per California’s comparative negligence doctrine. Compensation for damages can vary between the amount of medical expenses and lost income. In case of wrongful death, compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages are at stake during the suit. 

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Additional Resources

Rollover Causes | U.S. Department of TransportationThe U.S. Department of Transportation gives an overview of the main causes of rollover accidents. The page explores the different factors that can contribute to a rollover accident, as well as the percentage of each factor in an accident. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration |Rollover and Ejection – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration analyzes the correlation between being ejected as a result of a rollover accident. Based on data research, individuals who were ejected were more likely to had been involved in a rollover accident than not. 

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Attorney for Rollover & Roof Crush Accidents

Driver’s negligence is a large contributor to rollover and roof crush accidents. If you believe the other driver had been texting while driving, he or she should be held accountable for their actions. If you were in a rollover and roof crash accident, you have the right to pursue a personal injury suit within two years of the accident. Even if you were partly at fault for the accident, you can still file to receive partial compensation.  

Rollover and roof crush accidents can be severely impactful because if a person gets ejected from the vehicle, he or she is highly likely to sustain injuries. Healthcare costs can be high, and you should not have to pay out of pocket alone, because of another individual’s negligence. Our attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC for rollover and roof crush accidents will do everything in their power to fight for compensation on your behalf. 

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