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What’s Next for Injury Victims and Survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting?

In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival last week, victims, loved ones, and the public are left with countless questions. While many of these questions relate to the motivation of the shooter and the condition of our society, some are more practical. Those who have been injured or…
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3 Things You Need To Know About Child Accident Cases

Los Angeles child injury attorney While child injury cases have many of the same qualities as regular personal injury cases, there are a few unique issues they present that require the knowledge and experience of a certain type of lawyer. One key way that child injury cases differ from normal accident injury claims is that the…
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September is California Pedestrian Safety Month

Most of us don’t think of walking as a dangerous activity, but Pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles and California in general are on the rise. In 2016, 892 pedestrians were killed on California roadways. Pedestrian fatalities account for nearly ¼ of California traffic deaths. And, those represent only a small percentage of accidents involving pedestrians….
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