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​What to Do After an Amazon & Delivery Truck Accident

Accidents with delivery trucks in Los Angeles often cause catastrophic injuries because of the size and weight of the truck. You or a loved one should contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer as soon after the accident as possible for several reasons, including evidence gathering and working with insurance companies that often have short…
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Truck Blind Spots: Where They Are, the Problems They Present, and Avoiding Them Safely

Large trucks traverse California’s highways and interstates regularly. Most drivers get used to seeing those big trucks, especially if they take well-traveled main roads. However, many drivers fail to realize big trucks’ danger, especially for drivers in their blind spots they may meet with a truck accident in California. What Are Truck Blind Spots? Truck…
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About the Trucking Industry and Truck Accidents in Corona

Whether it’s a matter of supplying store shelves with Monster energy drinks and Lucas Oil or ensuring that Lularoe’s independent sellers and their customers receive their shipments, Corona’s economy depends on the transportation of goods into and out of the city. Unfortunately, despite the importance of the trucking industry to the region, massive trucks can…
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Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Commercial Truck Accident?

Commercial trucks are the huge vehicles that transport our goods across the United States, bringing supplies to stores and food to markets for our purchase. Thousands of hardworking, specially trained individuals earn commercial driving licenses to drive these trucks. However, big commercial trucks are not always secure or responsibly driven. Truck drivers often struggle with…
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Truck Driver Fatigue Accident Facts and Legal Consequences You Should Know About

Truck drivers are an important part of our economy, moving essential goods and products all across our nation. But even with all the experience these drivers have, they are not immune to the stress and fatigue that follow such long hours on the road. In fact, fatigued driving is a top cause of numerous devastating…
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All You Need To Know About Semi-truck Accidents

All You Need To Know About Semi-truck Accidents Eighteen-wheelers or semi-trucks did you know there is actually a difference between these two types of vehicles? Most people do not, so don’t think you are alone if you were unaware they are different. A semi-truck is a powered truck (also called a tractor) that can haul…
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Truck Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles – Helping victims of Truck injuries

Commercial truckers are among the most regulated motor vehicle operators in California and across the United States. Federal and state regulations dictate everything, from the number of hours a trucker can drive, to maintenance requirements, weight limits, and more. Truck drivers typically have more training than drivers of passenger cars, and have passed more rigorous tests…
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