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Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Corona

Bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and motorists share equal rights while on the road. Those who bike for fun, exercise, or transportation should be as safe as anyone else on the road.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. If you are on a bicycle and get hit by a car, you might sustain life-changing injuries. California law allows bicycle accident victims to seek compensation for damages caused by someone’s negligence. However, navigating the legal process to make these claims can be complex and confusing.

At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, we represent bicycle accident victims in Corona by helping them seek financial compensation. Our Corona bicycle accident lawyers work to prove that the other party acted carelessly, recklessly, or negligently, leading to injuries. Contact us today online or over the phone at (951) 523-0000 to request a free consultation with us to start the claims process today.

Bicycle Accident Statistics in California

California is in the top 10 most dangerous states for cycling. Los Angeles has the highest number of cyclist deaths, and the death toll rises each year. In Corona, people die every year in bike accidents. At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, our Corona personal injury lawyers can help you seek compensation if your bicycle accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Corona

The mere fact that a cyclist got hit while on the road does not automatically mean the cyclist can file a claim. To hold a driver accountable for bicycle accident injuries, you must establish the other party’s negligence. That means affirmatively demonstrating that the other party is responsible for your losses.

Here are some of the most common ways that motorists cause bicycle accidents in Corona:

  • Speeding, aggressive, or reckless driving
  • Failing to leave an adequate buffer zone between lanes
  • Driving while distracted or impaired
  • Running stop signs or red lights
  • Unsafe lane changing or turning without using turn signals
  • Failing to yield to cyclists who have the right of way
  • Opening car doors without checking mirrors

Contact our Corona bicycle accident lawyers immediately if you sustain severe injuries involving a vehicle. Our lawyers can help you identify the at-fault party, protect your rights, and pursue a fair settlement.Levik Yarian Burbank Personal Injury Attorney

Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries and Compensation

Most drivers pay little attention to cyclists, which increases bicycle accidents in the Corona area.

Severe injuries and fatalities might occur in a bicycle accident, including:

  • Brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Contusions and concussions
  • Skull and bone fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Broken necks
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Dental injury
  • Facial injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Road rash

In bicycle accidents where a cyclist sustains life-threatening injuries, a lawsuit may follow to recover compensation.

After identifying the liable party, you may seek:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Settlement for pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • And more

If a bicycle accident led to the death of your loved one, you might be entitled to pursue damages for wrongful death. These damages include funeral and burial costs, as well as compensation for the loss of your loved one’s financial support and companionship. Our lawyers know how to fight with insurance companies and negotiate reasonable settlements to help cover our clients’ losses.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuits in Corona, CA

Bicycle accident lawyer

If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a bicycle accident, you can seek compensation. There are two main types of bicycle accident lawsuits that you can pursue.

Negligence Claim

After a bicycle accident, the driver might deny responsibility for the crash. However, a dedicated Corona bicycle accident lawyer can help determine liability for the accident. Figuring out who had the right of way, whether the driver violated traffic laws, or if they failed to act with reasonable care will make all the difference in your claim.

A successful bike accident lawyer will work to prove that:

  • The other party owed the cyclist a duty
  • The other driver breached their duty to the cyclist
  • The driver’s breach caused the collision.
  • The cyclist sustained an injury or damages in the accident.

Product Liability Claim

Alternatively, if the bicycle had defects that contributed to the crash, you might be able to bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the defective bicycle. There are several types of product liability claims, including manufacturing defect, design defect, and warning defect claims.

Each of these claims requires you to establish that:

  • The manufacturer designed or distributed a defective bicycle, which was dangerous
  • The bicycle was defective when it left the manufacturer
  • The cyclist operated the bicycle as specified or intended by the manufacturer.
  • The defective bicycle caused injured the cyclist

Establishing these elements may be necessary depending on what type of claim you bring. To help you make your case, your lawyer will obtain evidence such as testimony from expert witnesses.

Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers: For the Cyclists

Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that aim to protect their cash reserves by whatever means possible. They may refute your bicycle accident claim or offer you the minimum amount of compensation. Further, the other party may hire a lawyer to prove that you are also partially to blame for the accident.

Therefore, many people who pursue compensation without legal representation may receive unreasonable amounts or lose their cases. Working with a Corona bicycle accident attorney at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers ensures that you have someone on your side. We have access to top experts in different fields to help collect, analyze, and present critical pieces of evidence.

These resources enable your Corona bicycle accident lawyer to build a strong case against at-fault drivers. If a bicycle accident injured you or your loved one and you need help from an experienced, dedicated, and passionate Corona bicycle accident lawyer, we have you covered.

Why Contact a Corona Bicycle Accident Lawyer Immediately After an Accident?

In California, bicycle accident victims have a two-year statute of limitations to file for compensation. However, critical evidence can get lost after a bicycle accident if you fail to contact a legal team to collect information. Furthermore, negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult, so it is a good idea to get help filing your claim as quickly as possible.

Speaking with a Corona bicycle lawyer immediately after an accident prevents complications. A lawyer can gather evidence and advise you of your legal options before initiating a lawsuit. A competent lawyer will ensure your claim meets legal requirements, making it admissible in court.

At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have experienced Corona bicycle accident lawyers who can help you file your claim. We will protect your rights and negotiate with insurers to reach a fair and just settlement.

That said, if the insurance company undervalues your claim, denies responsibility, or declines to respond, our Corona bicycle accident lawyers can file a personal injury lawsuit and take the case to trial. We represent you fully in and out of court and can counsel you on any legal requirements for your case.

How Our Corona Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Cases involving bicycle accidents can be complicated. Working with Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers offers several benefits following a crash.

If necessary, our experienced lawyers can help you after a bicycle accident in Corona by:

  • Collecting witness statements
  • Reviewing police and collision reports
  • Reconstructing the scene of the accident
  • Inspecting and documenting any damage to the bicycle
  • Investigating the at-fault party’s driving history in Corona
  • Contacting experts to evaluate medical records and create reenactments to establish fault and causation

Our firm has used our skills and experience to help thousands of people with personal injury claims. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve for your losses.

FAQs About Corona Bike Accidents

Can I sue if a car hits me when I ride a bicycle?

Yes, California law allows cyclists to sue an at-fault driver who hits them for compensation. Filing a claim requires that you prove the other party acted recklessly or irresponsibly, leading to your injuries. In many cases, the driver will deny responsibility. Therefore, it will be helpful to hire a Corona bicycle accident lawyer to contact the liable party and file a lawsuit if necessary.

What steps should I take after a bike collision in Corona?

If you are in a bicycle accident in Corona, California, you must first seek medical attention by dialing 911 if necessary. Climbing back on your bike and riding off after an accident may leave you with injuries like spinal cord trauma or brain damage. These injuries can take several hours or even days to manifest, so you might not immediately realize the extent of your injuries.

After seeking medical attention:

  • Report the incident to law enforcement and request a copy of the police report.
  • Take pictures of the scene, damage to your bike and the vehicle involved, and of the injuries you sustained in the crash.
  • Record the other driver’s contact information, including vehicle make and model.
  • Contact our Corona bicycle accident lawyers.

Taking these steps will help you document relevant information for your case. Since California has a statute of limitations, make sure you don’t miss the deadline. An experienced Corona bicycle lawyer at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers can help.

Am I considered a pedestrian after an accident with a motor vehicle?

It depends. In most cases, courts treat cyclists like motorists, not like pedestrians, because cyclists must follow the same traffic laws as motorists. However, some traffic signals give bicycles the right of way, and others enable riders to use sidewalks. In these instances, cyclists are treated differently from motorists.

Can I pursue compensation if a car door opened to me when I rode past the vehicle?

You have the right to seek compensation for damages incurred if the driver opened the door on you and caused your injuries. Since the driver may have failed to check their mirrors before opening the door, there may be a breach of duty, and you can likely sue for recovery.

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