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Do I Need to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?     

Outside of Hollywood and the beach, Los Angeles County is famous for its massive industrial production and agriculture landscape, which in turn leads to a heavy presence of large trucks on the road. Large trucks can be loathed on the road since they tend to occupy a lot of space and often slow down the…
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Top Accident Sites in Visalia, CA            

 Tulare County is recognized as one of the areas with the highest economic growth in the country. Visalia-Porterville alone is widely known for its strong agricultural region. However, because of its business bloom, Visalia has become a high traffic area. USATODAY has reported Visalia’s traffic fatalities per 100,000 people were at 15.5, amongst the worst…
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California’s Minimum Wages and Exempt Salary Thresholds Increase in 2020

California Workers Get a Raise, Whether They’re Paid Minimum Wage or They’re Exempt Workers  California employees who make minimum wage will get a $1 raise for 2020 while exempt workers will earn twice the state minimum wage for full-time employment.    For minimum wage workers, their per hour pay will increase to $12 if they work for a business with…
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After Kobe Bryant’s Death, a Look at Wrongful Deaths Involving Helicopter Crashes

The world was shocked January 26, 2020 when a helicopter carrying basketball legend Kobe Bryant and eight other people crashed in the hillside outside of Los Angeles. Bryant was 41 years old. According to news station KRIV-FOX 26, the helicopter crashed into a hillside around 9:45 a.m. The weather was thick with fog, so much…
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California is the number one state when it comes to paying out for dog bites

When it comes to claims of dog bites and claims paid out for their injuries, California ranks number one. That is based on data from State Farm, which designated the Golden State as the top state for dog bite claims in 2018. According to the insurance agency, there were 409 dog bite claims in California…
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Uber reports it has low fatal accidents but doesn’t reveal vital statistics

Uber recently released its U.S. Safety Report on its number of fatal accidents. On the surface, the report is positive since Uber drivers experience less automobile crashes than the national average. But upon deeper inspection of Uber’s statistics, it is clear that the ridesharing company isn’t being as forthright as it could be. As Tech…
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Fatal Car Accident On The 210 Freeway, By Buena Vista Street In Duarte, CA

Duarte, CA – Tragedy strikes after a fatal car accident results in the death of a Glendale Community College tennis player. A 5-vehicle car crash on Sunday, December 15 has left the Glendale, California community heartbroken after the unfortunate death of a 21-year-old Glendale Community College tennis player. The victim and a few of her…
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