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There needs to be trust in a lawyer-client relationship. After all, you plan to hire this person to handle an important issue. Trust is an important aspect, but you also need to be confident in your counsel’s ability to deliver results. If they dodge your calls or fail to provide quality legal service, it may be time to switch attorneys.

Getting a second opinion is also vital for personal injury cases. Some law firms may not make use of essential resources, which can have a significant impact on your case. Not only this, but you may end up finding an attorney who is willing to take a different approach to achieve a better outcome.

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Deciding to switch lawyers or get a second opinion is a hard decision to make in the middle of your case, but anything to help your case advance can benefit you greatly. Contact Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC whose consultations are free, and they’ll help you find the best course of action for your case.

The attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC are conscious of your time and emotions. Levik Yarian is an experienced attorney who dedicates himself to each case. Call (818) 459-4999 to schedule a time to speak with Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC. The attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC represent clients in areas throughout Los Angeles County and Tulare County.

Overview of Switching Attorneys

Signs You Should Switch Attorneys

Realizing you may need to switch attorneys usually starts with a lack of communication. You hear nothing about the status of your case and your calls go unanswered. Your first thought may be, “I’m sure they’re on top of things. The legal system is just really slow.” But soon you start to feel like your lawyer is not giving your case the attention it needs.

When this is the case, it may be time to consider switching attorneys. Other signs it may be time to look for different legal representation include:

  • You are asked to submit documentation you have already provided or complete forms you have already filled out.
  • Your calls are not returned within 48 hours (the calls are regarding important matters)
  • Your attorney asks the court for numerous time extensions without a valid reason and without serving your best interest.
  • The court or another party notifies you a deadline has been missed or your case is about to be dismissed because of inactivity.

Consider speaking with the attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC first if you are considering changing attorneys. We will take the time to listen to your story and help you explore your legal options.

Things to Keep in Mind When Switching Attorneys

Deciding to change legal counsel can be a stressful process, but finding the right lawyer can make all the difference in your case. The most important thing to remember when you are ready to make the switch is, unless necessary, do not fire one attorney until you have chosen a new one.

Other things to keep in mind include:

  • Look for referrals or recommendations for your next attorney. You can seek referrals from friends or ask the State Bar of California for a list of attorneys with the expertise your case needs.
  • Once you switch, keep in mind it will take some time for your new attorney to get caught up on your case.
  • An attorney cannot withhold files because of an unpaid bill. Any documents you provided to the previous lawyer or documents they received from others must be turned over to you.
  • Changing legal counsel more than once can make it difficult to find an attorney willing to take your case. A judge may also get annoyed if your case keeps getting delayed because of “lawyer shopping.”

Why Should I Seek a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion on serious matters is common practice. In fact, clients who receive a second opinion often have a more thorough understanding of their case. There are several reasons why getting a second opinion is a wise choice. For one, you may be confused about your legal issue and not fully understand your rights in the situation.

The second choice may offer a better explanation and alternative options to what was initially recommended. This will give you another perspective on how your case could move forward in the future and allow you to best meet your legal goals.

Some law firms will skimp on vital resources to save their clients’ money. However, the lawyer with a second opinion may explain why such expenses are worth the cost and how they will make a significant difference in your case. It’s also important to trust your attorney. The one you choose can make decisions that impact your family, finances and other aspects of your personal life.

Additional Resources

Finding the Right Lawyer | The State Bar of California – View a Q&A forum from the State Bar of California over finding the right lawyer. You can find answers to questions discussing the options of finding a better lawyer. The State Bar of California is the official attorney licensing agency for the Golden State.

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Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC understands how important your legal issues are, which is why they are willing to do everything in their power to help you. Levik Yarian is a professional attorney with years of experience. He is dedicated to his clients and will never leave you in the dark.

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Client Testimonials
  • 5 stars
    I hope you never need an attorney, but if you do, I can’t recommend Levik Yarian enough. His office and staff helped me with my personal injury case. They guided me through the whole process and always called to update me about he status of my case. Very grateful for the settlement they got me and for all their hard work. Thank you Levik Yarian and staff!!!!
    - Nane H.
  • 5 stars
    Mr. Levik Yarian is a rare lawyer that seeks justice for his clients rather than his own financial gain. I recently retained his services for malpractice and have been at ease from the moment I consulted with him. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who has been exploited.
    - Catherine
  • 5 stars
    El abogado Levik Yarian y su equipo de trabajo son de lo mejor para defender al cliente con mucho profesionalismo y calidad… humana… personas muy comprometidas con el cliente… Muchas gracias por siempre al equipo Yarian y Associates.
    - Paloma E.
  • 5 stars
    Levik Yarian is an excellent Attorney. He was very thorough and responsive to our calls and e-mails, unlike the previous personal Injury law firm we had contacted. HE did everything we expected and more. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family.
    - Robert