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An Uber ride should provide safe, reliable transportation to your destination. Unfortunately, not all Uber rides end as safely as the riders might hope. When an Uber ride ends in a collision, you may find yourself with the same injuries and challenges as after any car accident, but with less insight into how you can pursue a claim.

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Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC: Help for Corona Uber Accident Victims


At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC, we aim to help our clients recover the best results possible from their injury claims. Suffering severe injuries in an Uber accident may impact your ability to work, your overall quality of life, and even your ability to care for your loved ones.

While an injury claim cannot restore you to the health you had before the accident, it can help provide you with much-needed compensation that may improve your overall quality of life, and we aim to help our clients at every step in that journey.

We help our clients get all the details about who caused their accident.

As a passenger in an Uber vehicle, you may have more trouble accessing all the details about your accident. You may not even know, immediately after the accident, which driver caused the collision, especially if you had your attention on something else. At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, we help our clients collect all the information about who caused or contributed to the accident. In many cases, we can help identify additional parties that may share liability for the incident.

We help you pull together all relevant information about the compensation you deserve.

To file an injury claim after an Uber accident, you will need to show the insurance company that you sustained injuries and your direct financial losses.

Some victims have a hard time calculating how much they have spent. Others may have a hard time showing the insurance company how Uber accident injuries may have impacted their lives. At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, we help our clients break down the losses they faced because of the accident and present the evidence needed to show that information to the insurance company.

We fight to help our clients get the best possible results from their Uber injury claims.

Often, you may find yourself struggling to get the full compensation you deserve for your Uber accident injuries. Uber has experienced lawyers fighting on its side to help reduce the compensation the firm has to pay out as much as possible. You need legal support on your side, too—dedicated support fighting to help you recover the full compensation you deserve.

How Corona Uber Accidents May Occur?corona uber accident lawyer

Uber accidents can occur for a variety of reasons.

Weather Challenges

On one of Corona’s rare rainy days, an Uber driver used to operating in dry conditions may have a more challenging time keeping the vehicle on the road safely. Rainy weather can make it much more difficult to navigate since cars may have a harder time staying on wet roads. Rain can also interfere substantially with visibility, and some Uber drivers may not realize just how much they need to slow down to account for those challenges.

Dangerous Intersections and Roads

You may find yourself seriously injured after an accident in a dangerous intersection. On Highway 15, for example, heavier traffic may make it more difficult to avoid potential collisions.

Uber drivers often go through dangerous intersections because the app recommends taking that route or because it offers the fastest way to get their passengers to their destination. They may not have the ability to go around, even if they recognize the danger.

In a dangerous intersection, Uber drivers may struggle with poor visibility or fast-moving vehicles coming from the other direction, all of which can increase the risk of a collision.

Driver Distraction

Distracted driving can spell disaster in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Uber drivers often work long shifts, which means they may become excessively accustomed to the challenges of the road and no longer fully acknowledge the dangers it may cause.

Furthermore, Uber drivers may get used to relatively low traffic throughout Corona, since the area often does not attract a high degree of visitors and may have relatively smooth traffic. Not only that, Uber drivers may need to use GPS devices to find their way around, including programming their devices or changing directions.

However, distraction can still prove catastrophic on the road, especially when it occurs at the wrong moment. A driver who becomes distracted may have a tough time noting what happens around them, leading to a dangerous collision.

Driver Drowsiness

Many Uber drivers choose to pick up extra hours to make ends meet. Some drive for Uber as a second job: a way to bring in extra income. Others may use Uber as a primary source of income. Both types of drivers may spend excessive hours on the road to generate more income.

Uber drivers may also deliberately head out during the later hours of the night when fewer drivers may want to take to the roads, and they may generate more income from the app. Driver drowsiness, however, can prove catastrophic. Drowsy drivers show many of the same behaviors and challenges as inebriated drivers. Some Uber drivers may even fall asleep behind the wheel.

Determining Liability for Corona Uber Accidents

Regardless of how the accident occurred, if the Uber driver caused the accident, you will likely find yourself pursuing compensation through Uber’s insurance policy. You can also pursue compensation through that insurance policy if the Uber driver caused an accident with your vehicle.

Uber’s policy offers more protection for drivers with active passengers or drivers on the way to pick up a passenger than it does for drivers who drive around while waiting for someone to request a ride, but still provides considerable compensation regardless of when the accident occurred.

However, the Uber driver does not necessarily bear liability for an accident. As a passenger in an Uber vehicle, if you suffer injuries in an accident caused by another driver, you may need to pursue compensation from that driver’s insurance company. In some cases, when a mechanical failure causes an accident, you may also have the right to pursue compensation from the manufacturer of the malfunctioning vehicle.

What Compensation Can You Recover After a Corona Uber Accident?

Following Corona Uber accident injuries, working with a lawyer can give you a better idea of the compensation you might need to expect from the party that caused your accident.

At Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, we help our clients take a comprehensive look at the compensation you might have the right to recover for your Uber accident injuries. While we cannot promise the compensation you will ultimately recover (since that may depend on the insurance company and the extent of your specific injuries), we can give you an honest evaluation of your Uber accident claim and describe the claim process.

Medical Costs

Many people find themselves surprised by the extent of their medical bills following an Uber accident with serious injuries. Even the cost of an ambulance to the hospital can cost more than you anticipated.

If you end up with serious injuries, you may require long-term medical care: a stay in the hospital, several procedures to help treat your injuries, or numerous follow-up visits with specialists and others who can help you recover from your injuries.

You may need durable medical equipment to help you get around, or in-home care to help with basic self-care tasks as you recover from your injuries. Even as you begin to recover from those serious injuries, you may need to go through physical or occupational therapy, especially if you will have permanent limitations stemming from your injuries.

Talk to a lawyer about the medical bills you have faced as a direct result of your injury and any anticipated future medical expenses, including the cost of ongoing care for severe injuries.

In many cases, your attorney may recommend waiting until you have recovered enough from your Uber accident injuries to predict the course of your recovery and what future medical costs may look like. Any unexpected setbacks and complications could influence the course of your recovery.

Lost Income

Sometimes, you can return to work shortly after an Uber accident, albeit with some limitations or modifications to allow you to cope with the challenges that go along with your injuries. However, in other cases, you may find yourself missing considerably more work than you initially anticipated.

Your employer cannot always accommodate your injuries, which can make it difficult to get back on the job. Your employer may even have safety concerns around bringing you back to work, especially if you have suffered injuries that make it difficult to complete your work without placing yourself or others around you in undue danger.

Even once you can return to work, you may not get to work full-time immediately. You may have to miss work for ongoing visits with a medical care provider, spend more time out of work for follow-up appointments, or attend therapy during work hours, particularly if you suffered severe injuries. Some people may have to go down to part-time hours while they complete their recoveries or may discover that their injuries prevent them from going back to work full-time.

Talk to a lawyer about all wage loss you have experienced as a direct result of your accident, including both initial time off after your accident and ongoing time off as you recover. You may have the right to include compensation for those losses in your Corona Uber accident claim.

Pain and Suffering

The wages you lose and the medical costs you face as a direct result of your accident usually prove relatively easy to calculate. You can pull together your direct financial losses by looking at your ongoing bills. However, some of the challenges you face because of your Uber accident injuries have no direct financial correlation.

You may, for example, have ongoing physical pain because of your injuries. If your injuries pose substantial limitations, you may find it more challenging to take care of yourself. You may experience immense emotional trauma and frustration because of the limitations you have to contend with.

Recovering financial compensation for your pain and suffering may not take all of those challenges away. Still, it does offer substantial monetary support that can help you rebuild your life following the trauma of your Uber accident injuries.

Talk to your lawyer about the suffering you have faced and how your Uber accident injuries affected your life, including the ongoing challenges you may have to contend with and your future challenges. Your lawyer can help you look at how to include compensation for that suffering in your Uber accident claim.

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    I hope you never need an attorney, but if you do, I can’t recommend Levik Yarian enough. His office and staff helped me with my personal injury case. They guided me through the whole process and always called to update me about he status of my case. Very grateful for the settlement they got me and for all their hard work. Thank you Levik Yarian and staff!!!!
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