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As a parent, you try to choose people who will safely care for your children. Most teachers, daycare providers and other professionals who work with children are committed to their welfare and go above and beyond when caring for those children. However, this is not always the case.

A caregiver who is negligent is putting your child at risk. Physical and mental abuse as a child can leave a life-long emotional impact. Any parent or guardian who suspects their child is being mistreated should seek counsel from an experienced Californian child abuse attorney.

In 2015, Child Protective Services (CPS) stated there were 683,000 reported victims of child abuse and neglect. Children should never be subjected to harm or mental anguish. A child who has suffered abuse may need years of therapy and care to recover.

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If you or your child have been molested, assaulted, or abused in any way, it is important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Abuse should never be tolerated and perpetrators should not be able to go without consequences. Call Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC for a qualified child abuse attorney.

Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC has decades of experience in personal injury law. Our firm has handled many child abuse and neglect cases with promising results. Our attorneys treat each client with care, and want to be your partner in this process.

Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC can help you file a claim for the following school districts and others if you or your child has been abused:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Long Beach School District
  • San Bernardino School District
  • Visalia School District
  • Beverly Hills School District
  • Riverside School District
  • Visalia School District
  • Burbank School District
  • Fresno Unified School District
  • Irvine Unified School District
  • Santa Monica Unified School

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Overview of Child Abuse in Los Angeles County

Child Abuse Statistics

California law divides child abuse into seven primary types including physical abuse, sexual abuse, willful cruelty, unjust punishment, and corporal punishment. Interactions between minors or by authority figures to maintain peace are not considered forms of child abuse.

The Records from the County Social Services Agency released a report for the first three quarters of 2013. Some statistics in their records include:

  • Abuse has been reported in 14,364 families;
  • Physical abuse was noted in 15 percent of reports, sexual abuse in 10 percent of reports, and general neglect in 39 percent of reports;
  • Just over 40 percent of reports involved children between the ages of 6 and 12. Five percent of cases pertained to infants under a year old;
  • Children between the ages of 1 and 5 accounted for nearly 27 percent of reports and 27.5 percent involved teenagers;
  • A total of 28,193 children are affected by reported cases of abuse-this includes victims and their siblings

Damages in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

If a child has been abused by a trusted caretaker, authority figure, or who has been harmed in what they expected to be a safe place, they may be entitled to compensation. Children who have faced abuse often times will need years of therapy and possible medical treatments to recover.

Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, some damages may include:

  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of psychological counseling
  • The cost of tutoring or another school alternative
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Liability in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

Child abuse and neglect are typically inflicted by one individual. However, that doesn’t mean that the school, daycare center or another organization isn’t responsible. Some circumstances under which an entity can be responsible for abuse or neglect by a staff member include:

  • The institution was negligent in hiring the employee—for example, failed to conduct a background check;
  • The institution was on notice that the employee posed a danger to children—for example, there was a prior instance of abuse; and
  • The institution failed to create policies that would adequately protect children, such as reporting procedures or two-adult rules.

Some other examples include:

  • Failure to adequately supervise children on the playground;
  • Use of unsafe equipment;
  • Lack of proper safety procedures in gym class or sports-team practice; and
  • Age-inappropriate or unsafe toys in classrooms or play areas.

Additionally, an institution may be liable when a child is harmed by another child. If negligence in supervision made the injury possible the institution may be legally responsible for the resulting harm.

In one notable California case, a school district was found liable when a fight broke out among students. The district was held liable because the teacher who should have been supervising them was on a lunch break. This shows that the district was not hiring reputable employees, which they had a duty to do, and was therefore negligent.

Lawsuits against School Districts

Suing a public school district is somewhat different from suing a private daycare provider or other business. That’s because public school districts are governmental entities, which means different procedural requirements and some possible limitations on liability apply.

An experienced child abuse and neglect attorney can be your best resource for determining who may be legally responsible for your child’s injuries. Contact Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC today to see if you are able to recover damages for the abuse inflicted on your child.

Additional Resources

Department of Children & Family Services – Visit the website of the Department of Children & Family Services and see how you can become a mandated reporter. See how you can create a Suspected Child Abuse Report (SCAR) and where to send it to report abuse in your area.

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services – Visit Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services website to gain access to the Child Protection Hotline (CPH). Read resources for parents, youth, and how you can apply to foster or adopt a child.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention – Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to read data and statistics for child abuse and neglect. See the CDC’s resources, research, and prevention tips.

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If your child has been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or intentional action, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney. The attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC understand the complexities of child abuse cases and want to guide you through this process.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in child abuse cases. You will need a dedicated advocate that can take the pressure off while you focus your attention on helping your child heal physically and emotionally. Take your first step, and contact Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC for an attorney who will work tirelessly for you. Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC has handled child abuse or neglect cases throughout the greater Los Angeles County and Tulare County area and nearby communities including Visalia, Burbank, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fresno, Irvine, and San Bernardino.

The attorneys at Yarian Accident & Injury Lawyers, APC have worked cases involving various law and state officials including the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the California Department of Social Services, the Tulare County Department of Child Support Services, the Burbank Police Department, the Office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff, and the Office of the Tulare County sheriff.

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