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Verdicts and Settlements



A young woman was pregnant with twins and in custody when she was seen by an OBGYN. The Doctor failed to diagnose that this was a high-risk pregnancy. She went into labor while in custody. She was transported to a hospital where she gave birth to twin boys. One of the twins died within ten days, the second suffered from brain injury. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of the mother alleging civil rights violations. We also sued the doctors and hospital for medical malpractice.

$9,625,000.00 CLASS ACTION

Our clients’ rights were violated by one of the largest international corporations. The defendant removed the case from State to Federal Court. After a year-long fight in the Federal Court, the defendant finally agreed to compensate our client and the class members for their loss.


A three-year-old baby fell down while her mother was giving her a bath. 911 is called and emergency personnel responded. The child was not properly evaluated and examined and therefore the child was not transported to an emergency room for a proper neurological examination. The next day, the child begins to vomit and exhibits disorientation and fails to maintain balance. The child was then transported to a hospital where she was diagnosed with brain injury. As a result, the child suffers from non-convulsive seizures.

$2,650,000.00 BRAIN INJURY

A young man goes into the emergency room complaining of shortness of breath. A few hours later he is transferred to the ICU unit. The nurses failed to notice that the blood pressure was dropping to dangerously low levels. As a result, the patient suffered from ischemic brain injury.

$1,150,000.00 SPINAL CORD INJURY

A young male got injured while playing sports and damaged his back. The hospital failed to take an MRI and misdiagnosed his condition.


An elderly gentleman was taken to the hospital for a routine surgery. After the surgery, and due to the hospital’s neglect, the client developed bedsores. The bedsores turned into a serious infection. Client’s leg had to be amputated.

$250,000.00 MISDIAGNOSIS

The hospital told a 35 woman that she had cancer of the uterus. The client never had cancer.


A young father of two went for an annual colonoscopy. The doctor failed to diagnose colon cancer.


An elderly gentleman was seen by his primary care physician for at least four years. His doctor failed to diagnose his condition even after the laboratory test results clearly indicated the early stages of cancer.

$122,000.00 CAR ACCIDENT

A young mother of four was involved in a car accident. We filed a lawsuit alleging that as a result of the impact, she suffered from memory loss.

$105,000.00 CAR ACCIDENT

A young man was involved in a car accident in which the property damage was only two thousand dollars. However, the doctors indicated that the client needed back surgery.

$99,500.00 HEMORRHAGE

During the last few hours of her life, the hospital staff did NOT notice that the patient was bleeding.


A driver of a small SUV gets rear-ended on a major freeway, by a careless truck driver. The driver was then transported to the hospital and pronounced dead a few hours later. The truck driver plead the fifth amendment regarding his intoxication and exercised his right to remain silent at his deposition. The family of the deceased received $ 8,250,000.00.

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