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Burn Injuries

The United States Fire Administration states that 3,445 civilians died in fire incidents in 2010. Burn injuries are among the most physically painful and psychologically damaging types of injuries individuals can suffer.  Burns cause harm that is both emotional and physical.

Most burn injuries frequently result in severe scarring and nerve damage that limit the skin’s ability to perspire and react to stimuli. Additionally, burn injuries are highly visible and can be extremely disfiguring.

If a person has been burned due to someone’s negligence, it is in their best interest to contact a practiced personal injury attorney.

Lawyer for Burn Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

Fire and burn litigation can be extremely difficult. It is nearly impossible to prove negligence without a thorough investigation by an experienced team of professionals. If you have suffered from a serious burn injury because of another person’s carelessness, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

There is no reason for you to deal with pain, trauma, and grief without compensation. Contact Yarian & Associates, APC, and talk to a qualified burn injury attorney today to evaluate your claim. The attorneys at Yarian & Associates, APC have years in personal injury experience. We attend our clients with care and understanding. Yarian & Associates, APC accepts clients throughout the California Central District Court and nearby cities including Visalia, Long Beach, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Irvine, Fresno, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

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Overview for Burn Injuries in California

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns fall into certain categories based on severity. A burn can be caused by a variety of factors and can have different lasting effects. No matter how you were burned, if you are suffering from a burn by another’s negligence you are entitled to compensation.

Some common sources for burns include:

  • Flash burns – Occurs from rapid ignition of a flammable gas or liquid.
  • Chemical burns – Occurs from exposure to a caustic substance such as a strong acid or base like bleach.
  • Steam burns – Occurs from industrial accidents when an appliance is under extreme steam pressure.
  • Scalds – Occurs from contact with hot liquids.
  • Electrical burns – Occurs when electricity gets passed through skin tissue.
  • Flame burns – Occurs in a building or other facility fire.

First-degree burns:

First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of skin, called the epidermis. This type of burn causes pain, redness, and swelling. The burn looks similar to sunburn, with no blistering. They are dry, red, and painful.

Common causes for a first-degree burn include:

  • Sunburns
  • Electricity
  • Scalds

Second-degree burns:

Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the underlying layer of skin called the dermis. A second-degree burn is red, blistered, swollen or open, and is very painful. Recovery for second-degree burns can take up to three weeks.

Common causes for a second-degree burn include:

  • Flames
  • Scalds
  • Chemicals
  • Electricity
  • Contact with a hot object

Third-degree burns:

Third-degree burns affect both the epidermis and dermis. A third-degree burn is often thick and leathery in appearance. It can also be white, deep red, or black in color. Third-degree burns often have no feeling due to damaged nerve endings. Due to this sometimes the victim feels no pain.

Common causes for a third-degree burn include:

  • Flames
  • Scalds
  • Chemicals
  • Electricity
  • Explosions
  • Contact with a hot object

Preventive Burn Safety Tips

Nearly half of the fire-related injuries take place in buildings without smoke alarms. However, burns can happen in a variety of ways. Certain jobs put their workers at a greater risk for burns, and young children are statistically burned the most. A few preventive tips you can do to prevent any future burns include:

  • Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove
  • Replace smoke detector every 10 years
  • Keep water heater temperature under 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Place a fire extinguisher in or near the kitchen
  • Keep children out of the kitchen while cooking
  • Check and discard electrical cords with exposed wires
  • Wear sunscreen every day, and avoid peak sunlight
  • Clean out dryer lint traps regularly
  • Ensure all smoking products are stubbed out completely
  • Keep chemicals out of reach, and wear gloves during chemical use
  • Install electrical outlet covers
  • Lock up matches and lighters
  • Test smoke detectors once a month
  • Measure bath water temperature before use

In addition to these tips, a practiced fire escape plan could save you from a bad burn. Write down your escape plan and have your family do a practice run once a month. In the event of a fire, make sure to crawl underneath the smoke. Doing this will minimize the risk of passing out.

Additional Resources

Burn Triage and Treatment – Visit the website of the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management, a resource for first responders, first receivers and other healthcare providers in case of a chemical attack. Read an article detailing what emergency responders should do in case of a burn.

Burn Injury Guide – Visit the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, the leading national nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering anyone affected by a burn injury. A severe burn injury can be one of the most painful injuries that a human body can suffer. Uncover resources for basic burn injury information including types of physical and emotional recovery may be experienced.

Burns – Visit the website of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGM) which supports basic research that increases our understanding of biological processes and lay the foundation for advances in medical sciences. Read what causes a burn, the differences between the types of burns, burn treatment, burn resources, and support from NGIM.

Finding an Attorney for Burn Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

If you or someone close to you has suffered a serious burn injury, it is in your best interest to contact a law firm with substantial experience in handling the legal, physical and emotional challenges facing burn victims.

The experienced and successful personal injury law firm Yarian & Associates, APC can help evaluate and file a claim for the negligence that caused your burn. Our attorneys understand the complex legal and medical issues involved in burn injury cases. Yarian & Associates, APC has a collective of two decades of experience in personal injury law. We file claims for clients throughout the greater Los Angeles County and Tulare County area and nearby communities including Long Beach, Visalia, Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Fresno, San Bernardino, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Monica.

Yarian & Associates, APC is familiar with fire departments around the Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan area including the Glendale Fire Department, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), the Visalia Fire Department, the Long Beach Fire Department, the Fresno Fire Department, and the Santa Monica Fire Department.

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This article was last updated on June 19th, 2018.

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