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Top Accident Sites in Glendale, CA

Glendale is the worst rated city in California for driving, according to Allstate’s annual America’s Best Drivers Report. During the study they also determined a list of “Risky Roads” in which 134 Freeway in Glendale was also pointed out. I-5 which is parallel to Glendale was also determined to be one of the most dangerous highways in the U.S.

According to SafeTrec at UC Berkeley’s interaction map, in 2017 some of the Glendale’s top accident sites occur in or near the following intersections:

  • Verdugo Rd. /Colorado St.
  • Adams St. /Colorado St.
  • Glendale Ave. /Colorado St.
  • Central Ave. /Chevy Chase Dr.
  • Glendale Ave./Monterey Rd.
  • Brand Blvd. /Sanchez Dr.
  • San Fernando Rd. /Western Ave.

These locations had at least 5 collisions documented.

Some of the type of accidents listed on there included:

  • Broadside – Broadside or T-bone collisions which are probably some of the most common accidents that can arise during an intersection are accidents in which a vehicle crashes onto the side of another vehicle. Liability usually depends on the situation, but it is based on who had the right of way, and who was clearly negligent during the situation.
  • Rear-end – Rear-ends are the most common type of collision in car accidents overall. A rear-end collision is when one vehicle hits the back of another vehicle. In most cases, the vehicle behind is held as the responsible party. Rear-end collisions are common at intersections, because of traffic lights. If a vehicle is not looking straight ahead to the red light coming up, they might end up bumping into the vehicle in front when they come into a halt.
  • Side swipe – A side swipe is when a vehicle crosses over their lane and hits a vehicle on their left side with their right side or vice versa. This collision is often seen when vehicles are going at a high velocity but can happen at any point. The vehicle who crossed over the lane can be taken as the responsible party, however it depends on the circumstances. A side-swipe collision is usually a result of a driver acting negligent and taking their eyes off the road, while accidently turning the wheel too far off.
  • Pedestrian – A pedestrian accident involves a collision in which a motor vehicle hits an individual walking on the street. Since pedestrians have their own walk path marked at an intersection, this can be a common place for pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian accident usually occurs because either the driver, or both the driver and the pedestrian were not paying attention to their surroundings. A pedestrian usually always has an unspoken right of way, so even if the light is green, if a car driver hits an individual, they will likely be held at least partly responsible.

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