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Distracted Driving And Other Common Causes Of Car Crashes In Los Angeles

Are We All Guilty of Distracted Driving? Common causes of car crashes in Los Angeles The phrase “distracted driving” undoubtedly brings to mind drivers texting, talking on cell phones, browsing social media and playing mobile games. It’s no surprise that talk of distracted driving calls up those images: mobile devices are the subject of both…
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Avoid These Top 7 Mistakes after a Car Accident

Avoid These Top 7 Mistakes after a Car Accident It may be difficult to think clearly in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. If the accident is a relatively minor one, you may be angry, agitated, concerned about damage to your vehicle, and focused on managing the plans the accident interrupted. If the accident…
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Can I Recover Damages for a Traumatic Brain Injury in California?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a significant, lifelong impact on the injury victim. Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury vary significantly, and may include: • Headaches • Dizziness • Speech difficulties • Seizures • Cognitive impairment • Mood disorders • Sleep disturbances • Loss of motor skills • Memory problems • Anxiety •…
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Are You Labeled as an Independent Contractor in California?

As the U.S. economy shifts and technology makes it easier to serve larger markets, more and more Americans are choosing to work as freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. Working independently provides many people with greater freedom and flexibility. However, it also comes with additional burdens and responsibilities. Downside for Los Angeles Independent Contractors…
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Auto Insurance Attorney in Los Angeles

Automobile insurance plays an important role for any California driver. Certain types of coverage are required by law, so carrying motor vehicle insurance helps a driver avoid a driver’s license suspension. Insurance also helps to protect a driver against personal losses in an accident—both direct losses and those that might result from a lawsuit if…
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What to Do When My Spouse is Injured in a California Car Accident

When your spouse is seriously injured in a car accident, the injury and its aftermath impact the whole family. While your spouse undergoes medical treatment and recovers from his or her injuries, you will likely have to pick up the slack in practical terms. Exactly what that means will differ from family to family, but…
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Who is Liable in a California Building Fire?

A building fire can be devastating, to both people and property. The building itself may be irreparably damaged or completely destroyed. People inside the building at the time of the fire may suffer a wide range of injuries, including serious burns and smoke inhalation. If the building is a residential structure, such as an apartment…
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Wage and Hour Attorneys: California Overtime Laws

Both federal law and California state law protect employees in a variety of ways. These protections range from ensuring that they receive fair compensation for work time to preserving health and safety by placing limitations on hours worked and mandating minimum break times. Unfortunately, not every employer complies with these requirements. That’s why it’s important…
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How Long Does An Employer Have to Pay You After Termination in California?

When you lose your job unexpectedly, money is likely one of your first and most significant concerns. If you happen to live and work in California, you’re in luck. California is one of the friendliest states for employees in the nation, and offers some of the most stringent worker protections available. One of those protections…
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