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Bus Accidents

Bus Accident LawyerA bus accident can turn your life upside down. One moment, you could be catching a city bus to work or enjoying a tour on a double-decker bus,and in the next moment, you or a loved one may be seriously injured. What then follows are large medical bills, a long recovery, or even the hardships involved with losing a  loved one.

Bus accident injuries occur in many ways. For example, a bus accident may be caused by:

  • Bus driver negligence
  • Negligence of another driver on the roadway
  • Faulty equipment
  • Poor maintenance

The injured party may be the driver of another vehicle, a passenger on the bus, a pedestrian who was crossing the street, or a passing bicyclist. A single bus accident may result in injuries to many people. The injuries for a bus accident can range from minor cuts to catastrophic fatalities.

A person involved in a bus accident should contact a personal injury attorney who will help guide them through the legal process. The Los Angeles bus Accident attorneys at Yarian & Associates have the experience and knowledge necessary to fight for you. We have won millions for our clients and are passionate about what we do.

Attorney for Bus Accidents in Glendale, CA

California is familiar with bus routes for transportation. Buses that run in the city of Glendale are normally through LADOT, Metro Local, Metro Rapid, and Glendale Beeline. The Glendale Transportation Center provides connections to Greyhound buses and three train lines.

Bus accidents can also involve coach and transit buses. The Glendale Transportation Center provides connections to Greyhound buses and three train lines. With all these modes of transportation, California bus accidents are common.

Have you been injured in a bus crash in the greater Los Angeles County or Tulare County area? Bus accident aftermaths can be frightening and confusing. During this difficult time, a trusted knowledgeable advocate can make all the difference. Call Yarian & Associates, APC for a reliable personal injury attorney ready to take on your case.

Our personal injury attorneys, with offices in Glendale, CA, understand that the aftermath of a serious bus accident can be frightening and confusing. We have years of experience in traffic accidents and want to guide you through this process.

Yarian & Associates, APC has filed claims for clients throughout the North Judicial District and West Judicial district and adjoining counties including Glendale, Los Angeles, Visalia, Irvine, Long Beach, Tulare,  Pasadena, and San Bernadino.

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Overview of Bus Accident Claims in California

Damages in Bus Accident Cases

If you were been injured by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover damages. Some of the most common damages awarded in bus accident injury cases include:

  • Medical bills
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Projected future/ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

Money is not always the answer in regards to an injury. However, you are entitled to some sort of compensation from such a life-altering event. Get in contact with a personal injury attorney to learn more about your entitlement to damage costs.

Determining Liability in a Bus Accident Case

Determining who is legally responsible for injuries sustained in a bus accident can be complicated. Depending on the type of bus involved, the driver may be the owner of the vehicle, may be employed by a private company that owns the bus, they may be employed by a company that supplies drivers to the owner of the bus, or may be a city employee. In each of these scenarios, one or more parties may be liable for the accident.

If the accident results from an equipment failure, the fault may lie with the manufacturer or with the company charged with maintaining the bus. In many cases, liability may be shared.

For example, a bus driver may have been speeding. They may have been breaking the speed limit, but still would have been able to avoid an accident if it weren’t for the flaw in the bus’s braking system.

In short, determining who is responsible and constructing a strong case requires time, knowledge, and resources.

Liability for a Slip and Fall While Exiting a Bus

Serious injuries occur as a result of a slip and fall while entering or exiting a bus. In many cases, the driver often has a duty to caution riders to watch their step when leaving the bus. This especially applies when a hazardous condition is blocking their way.

In addition to this, the driver should wait for the passengers to sit down or brace themselves before starting so that injuries can be avoided. The driver should also be careful to start and stop as smooth as possible to avoid rider injury.

When the bus driver has a passenger who is disabled or impaired in any way, the bus driver should help ensure the rider’s safety. For instance, the bus driver should not discharge a rider at any location that would be unsafe for that passenger. In some cases, it may be safer at the next scheduled stop or a well-lit area where there are other people. Many for passenger transportation carriers have guidelines for handling disabled or impaired riders.

Safety Regulations for Buses

The driver of a bus has an obligation to make sure that the vehicle is safe for the passengers. If the driver of the bus fails to meet that obligation and in doing so, causes a personal injury, the bus driver and his employer can be held liable for the damages caused by that negligence.

The bus driver should check the passenger entry and lift area before each trip including:

  • Checking that the entry doors operate smoothly and close securely from the inside;
  • Checking that the handrails are secure;
  • Checking that the step light(s), if any, are working;
  • Checking that the entry steps are clear;
  • Checking that the treads on the entry stops are not loose or worn excessively;
  • Checking any handicap lift for leaks, damage, or missing parts to make sure the lift can be fully retracted and latched securely; and
  • Making sure the lift control interlock(s) functions properly.

The driver of the bus also has an obligation to:

  • Check the emergency exits to determine that they are operating smoothly, closing securely, and are not damaged;
  • Check that the release handle can be operated properly from both inside and out of the vehicle;
  • Understand how emergency exits operate; and
  • Check the emergency exit warning device.

When an injury is caused by the bus driver’s failure to check the bus properly before a trip, the bus driver and his employer might be held liable for damages.

Additional Resources

LADOT Annual Report – Visit the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s (LADOT) website and read their annual 2016 report. See what the city of Los Angeles plans for safety regulations, their recorded crashes from last year, and who serves on the LADOT board.

Large Truck and Bus Crashes – Visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and see the report that they released from 2010 to 2016. View the data and statistics that FMCSA collected over the years, how the collisions have changed over the years and the damages that occurred.

Tips on keeping your kids safe when they are around buses.

Find an Attorney for Bus Accidents in Los Angeles County, CA

The complex legal issues surrounding bus accidents can be overwhelming, especially for an injured victim.  Most people don’t have the experience or the financial resources necessary to protect their own interests in a complex motor vehicle accident case.

There’s no reason to shoulder this burden alone. The personal injury attorneys at Yarian & Associates, APC, are committed to helping people who have suffered serious injuries recover the compensation they need to rebuild and move forward. The attorneys at Yarian & Associates, APC understand this and want to help.

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This article was last updated on June 19th, 2018.

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